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Submitted on
May 15, 2007


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Speaking to Snakes Contest

Journal Entry: Tue May 15, 2007, 10:02 AM
  • Listening to: Jenny Owen Youngs
  • Reading: Don't You Forget About Me -Cecily vonZiegesar
  • Watching: Heroes
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Water



Results/winners will be announced sometime in the next week.
Judges, check your inboxes, I'll be sending you scoring guides so we can get this baby judged.

I am so excited about this contest, I can't believe how successful it's been. 61 entries! Wow! :aww:

*Also, I've added a new judge. I didn't think three were enough with the amount of entries I now have to look over.


So PersephoneStock and I did a contest not too long ago, and we were so pleasantly surprised; it was a big success! After it ended, we put our heads together and tried to come up with something new and exciting, but finally we both just decided that we wanted to do our own contests first. But I'm sure we'll team up again soon.

Anyway, this is a little contest that I want to try out on my own. The theme is..... snakes!

Here is the scoop: I am in a band called "The Parselmouths", which for those non-Harry Potter fans out there means someone who can talk to snakes.  So the premise of the band (which yes, is also Harry Potter themed) is that we're not only slightly naughty Slytherin students, but we can also speak the language of the snake. If you're at all interested, you can check it out here:… :aww:

This inspired me to see what that would actually look like. This is where you come in.

The contest is simple. Make a deviation (using my stock at least once) that includes me talking to a snake. Or at least has a snake in it in some way.

Even though snakes are generally kind of dark and scary, I hope that many of you will be creative with this, and do something really interesting with it. Snakes can be cute, scary, creepy, funny, silly... this contest will be judged mainly on creativity, so keep that in mind!

The Rules:
1. The deviation must have a snake in it.
2. The deviation must use my stock.
3. Contest is open to any medium; I encourage all types. Not just manipulations. The winner of my last contest was a digital painting. :D
4. You may submit up to three entries.

To submit your deviation, send a note to intergalacticstock with "Contest Submission" as the subject and a link to your deviation.

Contest begins: Sunday, February 25th.
Contest Ends: Sunday, April 15th.

:iconintergalacticstock: :iconpersephonestock: :iconlongstock: :icondevilishlypure:


1st place
3 Month Subscription from intergalacticstock
3 Month Subscription from oloferla
Personalized Animated Stamp + Avatar from AlinePotter-stock
Personalized Stamp or Avatar using the winning deviation from annie252
8x12" (or smaller) Print from the print gallery of SchmauserPhoto
Photo Manipulation Commision by Dr-Murdock-Kawfi
Photo Manipulation Commision by oloferla
Permanent Shoutboard Feature from intergalacticstock
Stock image exclusive to this contest (… by sd-stock
Exclusive Stock Pack from PersephoneStock, LongStock, AlinePotter-stock, lindowyn-stock, liam-stock, Iardacil-stock, UnicornReality
Journal Features from PersephoneStock, LongStock, SchmauserPhoto, annie252, liam-stock, Dr-Murdock-Kawfi, serkulka

2nd place
1 Month Subscription from intergalacticstock
Personalized Animated Stamp + Avatar from AlinePotter-stock
4x6" Print from the gallery of SchmauserPhoto
Pen and Ink Commision by Dr-Murdock-Kawfi
Exclusive Stock Pack from AlinePotter-stock, lindowyn-stock, liam-stock, Iardacil-stock
Journal Features from intergalacticstock, PersephoneStock, LongStock, SchmauserPhoto, annie252, liam-stock, Dr-Murdock-Kawfi, serkulka

3rd place
1 Month Subscription from intergalacticstock
Personalized Animated Stamp + Avatar from AlinePotter-stock
4x6" Print from the gallery of SchmauserPhoto
Exclusive Stock Pack from AlinePotter-stock, lindowyn-stock, liam-stock, Iardacil-stock
Journal Features from intergalacticstock, PersephoneStock, LongStock, SchmauserPhoto, annie252, liam-stock, Dr-Murdock-Kawfi, serkulka

Prize Donations greatly appriciated and welcome! I am looking for subs, features, stock packs, prints, custom journals/avatars, anything! :w00t:

**Prizes and information will be updated frequently. So check back!


1. by Captain-Savvy

2. :thumb49703525: by TheatruMundi

3. :thumb49723202: by Dr-Murdock-Kawfi

4. :thumb49728514: by Vylet3

5. :thumb49756092: by doszika

6. Speaking with the Snakes by MissLittlewood by MissLittlewood

7. Charmer by jenepooh by jenepooh

8. Speaking to snakes by Apple-In by Apple-In

9. by Iriesurfinchick

10. Bow To Your Leader by nevermoregraphix by nevermoregraphix

11. The Stepsisters' Lament by theemily by theemily

12. :thumb50247098: by madisonthepirate

13. by Floatingstar

14. Guardian of Snakes by terrasoul by terrasoul

15. Ssspeak to Me by wontbackdown by wontbackdown

16. She Speaks to Snakes by allison712 by allison712

17. by Floatingstar

18. She Happened Upon It by beanhugger by beanhugger

19. The Snake Charmer by TheButcheress by TheButcheress

20. :thumb50877511: by MissMandie

21. snake queen-wachting by Dreamypunk by Dreamypunk

22. The Parselmouths by debequpe by debequpe

23. The Parselmouths 1 by daklex by daklex

24. A Witch's Bargain by legacyheir by legacyheir

25. The Parselmouths 2 by daklex by daklex

26. The Battle by chaaabi by chaaabi

27. Eve by oloferla by oloferla

28. Slytherin by Paintmeblack by Paintmeblack

29. The Parselmouth by SailorIo by SailorIo

30. :thumb51365625: by jesidangerously

31. listening to the snakes by ahmed101 by ahmed101

32. He Made Me Do It by SailorIo by SailorIo

33. The Parselmouths. by MissMandie by MissMandie

34. :thumb51541508: by andreik

35. Speaking to snakes. by MissMandie by MissMandie

36. :thumb51827645: by jesidangerously


38. Villainous by rlimjoco by rlimjoco

39. :thumb51965985: by janine42584

40. The Parselmouth by lenashore by lenashore

41. So, Heres The Deal by MaureenOlder by MaureenOlder

42. The Lady and the Snake by myfairies by myfairies

43. :thumb52260482: by GIRLwithTALENT

44. :thumb52301223: by eurekastreet

45. SsSsorRry... by dani4ka by dani4ka

46. :thumb52347268: by eurekastreet

47. Take Me by debequpe by debequpe

48. Speaking to Snakes by Vixie-Bee by Vixie-Bee

49. Temptation by ZookaJo by ZookaJo

50. :thumb52701452: by saperlipop

51. :thumb52915585: by Nimfabebe

52. :thumb52976496: by NoreeCorrino

53. Speaking in Snakes Heaven by INKOGNITHA by INKOGNITHA

54. :thumb53029739: by SickJoe

55. :thumb53037220: by dee-dragon

56. An Apple a Day by saperlipop by saperlipop

57. :thumb53066157: by Il-Tramonto

58. :thumb53103928: by pulchra

59. :thumb53152465: by xpixiexdustx

60. Parseltongue by Ketutar by Ketutar

61. The Original Sin by LuciferChildren by LuciferChildren

62. Through the Glass by Wig-wam by Wig-wam

VIEW the old "Good Girl vs. Bad Girl" contest here: intergalacticstock.deviantart.…

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hehe... i made another one. :blush:
Hah wow you're on a role.
I think my problem with these avs is that you're using stock of mine that I don't like very much... so it's my own fault they're not sticking for me.
Hahhaa I hate to ask you to try something ELSE, but maybe something that showcases a few more of my stock series' ? Like, an avvie that has 3-5 different stock images in it?
Gosh I'm horrible.
;P i definitely could! in fact, i was actually going to make another one. :XD: i like making avatars... if you didn't already notice.
which pics are your favorites? i'd love to use those ones. :)
Here are the stock images of mine that I like a lot:
1. [link]
2. [link]
3. [link]
4. [link]
5. [link]


I like this avatar that you made: [link]
The speed is good and everything.
But on the part where you have the text, could you make the bg a hot pink instead of black? And I know my username is too long, so I was thinking maybe it could scroll across? That way we wouldn't have to split it up. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

If you do this I will LOVE you forever. :glomp:

hope you like it!
don't worry about asking for any changes to it; i have the .psd saved, so it'll be easy to make adjustments to. :)
:glomp: Good to see you posting stocks again! Your latest set is lovely. :heart:
Thank you so much!
It was good to shoot it again.. :D
watcha lookin for
Just something with a few of my stock pictures and my name on it at some point... I don't really know what I am looking for, I hope someone will surprise me and make me go "YES, that's it exactly!"
LunaJane May 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
K... I'm not good at flash, but I can recomend you to blackmago, he's a fellow peruvian and he's great with nice flash avatars. Why don't you ask him? Tell him I sent you. He's got some really neat avatars and I know he makes them for people, althoug I dunno the conditions. Just a suggestion, hope it's useful.
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